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Half Block Stripes Welcome Interchangeable Door Hanger (For Attachments)

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This interchangeable hanger is for all those pretty attachments! Interchangeable hangers are the holy grail of door hangers. You can keep them up all year round and only have to change out the attachments! Plus, attachments are easier to store. Attachments are stuck on to the door hanger with a small piece of industrial strength velcro. They are so easy to accessorize! This sign is cut out of 1/4 inch Birch and painted with acrylic paint. It is sprayed with a clear protective coating that prevents chipping, peeling, fading, or yellowing. It hangs from sturdy wire and is accessorized with a bow to match. Every door hanger is hand painted by myself so there may be very slight variations between your actual design and what you see here. Any attachments pictured are not included. SIZES: Large- Approx. 18".