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Cougars Rainbow Polka Dot Hand Drawn Sublimation Transfer

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 Sublimation transfers are different from screen print transfers.  They require a polyester and light colored material. For best results, use products that have a 50% or greater polyester count.  

*Every heat press is different, temps and pressure are not always accurate or even. Adjusting for your individual heat press is necessary. We are not responsible for any pressing issues due to inaccurate temperature or pressure.

  • Set heat press for 385-400 degrees;
  • Pre-press the shirt for 7 seconds;
  • Place parchment paper inside the shirt to prevent design from bleeding through
  • Place sublimation print facedown on the shirt
  • Place another of parchment paper on top of the print to protect the fabric from the heat
  • Press the shirt for 45-60 seconds using medium to high pressure
  • Remove parchment paper and sublimation print quickly