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Attachments for Welcome Door Hanger

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Attachments are the PERFECT way to change out your door hanger decor with each season, holiday or occasion.  These can be purchased separately as needed or as part of a subscription (which will save you money!).  If you do a subscription - it will be for 12 months.  The first time you purchase the subscription, you will pick your attachment. For each following month, I will text, email, or message you to find out which one you want for that month. (If you already know which ones you want - you can leave me a note at checkout listing all 12 and you will get one each month. 

If you want to go ahead and order 12 for NOW... you can choose that option below! You will get 40% off by using code ATTACHMENT at checkout. You must add the 12 you want to your cart AND enter the code to receive the discount at checkout. 

To order the door hanger with one attachment click here:

(You can purchase attachments as needed or as part of a subscription)